Below is a list composed of popular neighborhoods in and around the Joplin area. Click on a neighborhood to find pictures, maps, and real estate for sale in that area.


Briarbrook is a large community in Carl Junction, MO. It is home to Briarbrook golf course and has its own park and lake.



Cattails neighborhood is a short drive from the Missouri Southern campus in Joplin, MO.


College Skyline

College Skyline is a larger neighborhood located a short distance north of the Missouri Southern State University campus.



Eastmorland neighborhood is know for its location near Eastmorland Elementary school. It is a community of various sized homes.


Hickory Hills

Hickory Hills is a secluded neighborhood located just north of Joplin. It can be accessed by way of Lone Elm Ave. You are greeted by a large pond at...

Iron Gates

Iron Gates is a neighborhood located west of Schifferdecker Ave. in Joplin, MO.



Murphysburg neighborhood an be accessed by way of Route 66 in Joplin, MO. It is lined with beautiful homes with historic significance to the Joplin...



Northbrook is a growing community located in the north part of Joplin. It is an easy drive to two main roadways, Range Line and Main Street.



Roanoke neighborhood is historic to the Joplin area. Located in the northwest corner of Joplin, this neighborhood is lined with beautiful homes.


Royal Heights

Royal Heights neighborhood is a nice little neighborhood centered around Royal Heights Elementary school. The neighborhood sits very close to the...

Sunset Ridge

Sunset is an upscale housing community. It is located just off Schifferdecker Avenue.


Tall Grass Estates

Tall Grass Estates is a new and developing community located south of the Missouri Southern State University.

Twin Hills Estates

Twin Hills Estates is a quiet neighborhood located to the west of Joplin. It is home to Twin Hills Golf Club.


Wildwood neighborhood is a peaceful, upscale neighborhood located just south of Joplin, MO. It is filled with large homes, all beautifully crafted...